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Class Descriptions

Align & Flow Yoga
This class is a blend of flow, alignment, balance, and core with attention to breath. In this Level 1 /2 class we begin to introduce some more challenging poses and techniques ending with more static stretches and a relaxing savasna.

Barre Basics
Barre Basics is a fun & uplifting fitness class designed to lengthen, strengthen and tone. The class is a mix of ballet, yoga, & pilates inspired movements and is rhythmically set to music. Low impact, High repetition. A mat, small ball, & light weights (optional) will be used. This class specifically will work on the fundamentals to make sure the student is in the proper form.

Flow and Hold
Flow and hold is an open level class where the participant will enjoy moving through a flowing sequence of postures, linking breath and movement.  After moving through a flow sequence, the pace will move into a quieter and more still practice, which is the hold part of the class.  This practice is a well-rounded class in which you will move between different breathing patterns, strengthening the body and calming the mind.

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga offers a slower paced practice in a relaxed and non-competitive setting. Gentle yoga practices are accessible to people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels. These practices create balance in the body by developing strength and flexibility, enhancing mental focus, reducing stress and improving overall health. For all experience levels.

Get up and Go!
Start your weekend off right in this mixed level energizing Saturday morning class. We’ll begin with a short meditation, then move through the yoga poses at a relaxed and flowing pace. This class is both strong yet accessible for all, with modifications and variations given for both the beginner and a more advanced yogi. You’ll leave your mat feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy your weekend plans.  This class is suitable for advanced beginners to intermediate level students.

Happy Hour Yoga
This is a multi-level, light-hearted class that will combine postures requiring a moderate amount of strength, flexibility, and stamina designed to help you release the busy-ness of your week, with some longer-held Yin postures that will ease you into your weekend, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Each Yin posture presents the student with a point of meditation while settling into the pose. A creative musical playlist will encourage a sense of joy, humor and playfulness. At least one session of yoga experience is recommended.

Yoga and Healthy Joints and Bones
8 Keys for maintaining joint mobility and flexibility & for supporting strong bones. Healthy joints and strong bones are crucial to overall health. Keeping your joints healthy and your bones strong will allow you to walk, to shop, to reach for objects, to prepare meals without strain and do all those functional day to day activities that make life so enjoyable. But many of us don’t age as gracefully as we might want because of joint and bone problems.

In this yoga course for healthy living we will focus on some of the key elements that keep your joints and bones healthy. Each week the class will build on what was learned and experienced the previous week.  The first class of this course will explore the structure of the spine and how to preserve its integrity as we move and as we are still.  We will then move on to investigate what is meant by “range of motion” and how important it is to move within your personal range of motion.  During the following class you will experiment with using yoga props to move easily into and out of poses with little or no strain while staying within your range of motion. In subsequent weeks we will practice yoga poses that target your bones, muscles, core and balance – all factors that are important for bone and joint health. We will complete the course by discussing the benefits of a home practice.  We will discuss some of the ingredients that make for a successful home practice and we will explore some poses that are particularly useful and helpful to sustain your personal home practice.

This course is for anyone interested in learning and applying yoga techniques and principles to keep their joints and bones healthy as they age.  Participants must be able to perform gentle yoga poses that involve getting down on the floor, kneeling and standing.  Knowledge of yoga is not necessary.  Dress in loose clothing or exercise appropriate clothing.  The studio has mats that you can use but please bring your own yoga mat if you have one.  All poses are done with bare feet.

Level I
Level I is a class is for beginning students to learn basic yoga postures. Students will learn correct alignment of each posture as well as learning breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. Students who would like a slower pace will enjoy this class. All experience levels welcome.

Level I/II
Level I/II is for those who have attended Level I and are ready for a more moderate beginning class. There will be continued emphasis on the basic postures with more variations as well as introducing new poses.

Level II
Level II is an intermediate class that is designed to bring the student to the next level. Advanced postures are introduced requiring strength, stamina and flexibility. This class is suitable for those who have completed two sessions of Level I and/or Level I/II.

Meditation settles the mind and allows the innate wisdom we were born with to emerge. With meditation we train our mind so we begin to recognize our habitual patterns and become less impulsively reactive. It is rooted in the simple but revolutionary premise that every human has the ability to cultivate mind’s inherent stability, clarity and strength in order to be more awake and compassionate in everyday life. This ancient practice has been used by mystics and monastics of all faiths for centuries.

Open Level Warm Yoga
Open Level Warm Yoga is a slow, relaxed sequence of yoga postures, both static and dynamic. This class will detoxify, heal and rejuvenate the body. The room is moderately heated to help facilitate flexibility and spirit. The warmth and gentle postures are particularly suitable for those with arthritis or joint or muscle tenderness.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga provides a special time for moms to be to stretch, breathe, connect with their baby and changing bodies. All levels are welcome to join as we learn yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that will be useful for labor and delivery, as well as for the months and years to follow to increase your sense of well being.

Qigong for Anxiety and Pain
Imagine your life as a movie: people, sounds, sights, movement. This movie has begun the moment you were born and has been playing since.  Imagine now that suddenly you discover a button and it reads “PAUSE”.   You push that button and everything freezes. But not only everything freezes – you are right there, present, in full awareness of the pause that is now taking place – realizing it. This PAUSE button can be revealed through the practice of Qigong; an ancient Chinese practice that combines slow simple movement, visualization, vocalization and a shift in perception, all combined in unique synergy.

Medical Qigong – Daoist Five Qigong Set (Dao Yin) 
Dao Yin is an ancient practice of self-cultivation from the Classical Chinese Medicine period that enhances overall health through a series of simple movements (Qigongs). It differs from other Qigong practices because of its medical application which focuses on visualization and intention to move Qi (life force energy) through the body, clearing blockages and strengthening the five Yin organs (lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen). Anyone can participate and no prior experience is necessary. Join us for a fun, stress-relieving class!

Slow Flow Yoga
Is a therapeutic class designed to sync fluid movement with breath. Class will move at a slower pace to help calm the nervous system and relax the mind and body. This is an all level’s class.

Sunday Evening Self Care
Join us this winter for healing, meditation, warmth and self-care. Let us stop, reflect and press the pause button.  Life consistently and persistently presents us with toxins.  The toxins in the media, in our relationships, right down to the water we drink can have a slow but devastating impact if we don’t take the time to pause, reflect and assess our actions and reactions.  This class will combine yoga postures and sequences that will allow you to feel pure sensation, breath and moments of deep meditation.  This class will also take place in a warm room (approximately 85 degrees) and will be safe and suitable to all students at any level. Finally, you will be able to end class by enjoying a cool, lightly scented towelette to help guide you into a more relaxed Savasana. What better way than to start the new year!

Tai Chi
Tai Chi for Balance and Fall Prevention is one of the many Tai Chi programs designed by Dr Paul Lam. Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for health of mind and body. This program is proven by medical studies to improve health and has been endorsed by CDC. In this class you will learn the first 10 movements of the Tai Chi for Balance and Fall Prevention program and the basic principles of all Tai Chi movements. You will learn one form at a time and we will progressively build on each form to create an entire sequence.

Introduction to Tai Chi
This class will offer an introduction to the fundamentals of tai chi using forms drawn from the Tai Chi for Health programs that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the Arthritis Association (e.g. Tai Chi for Balance and Fall Prevention, Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Energy). This introductory class will introduce the components of a complete practice that will include warm-up and qigong exercises, and several short tai chi sequences that will employ the basic principles common to all tai chi. You will understand how to combine these components to create your own personal practice. In this introductory session you will develop a feel for what tai chi is all about and prepare you for participation in the ongoing tai chi classes at Soluna Yoga. Those who have some experience with tai chi may use it as a refresher in the foundational elements common to all tai chi styles.

Tai Chi for Energy (TCE)
Tai Chi for Energy is one of the many Tai Chi for Health programs designed by Dr Paul Lam and endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This is a new program and we will start at the beginning to learn each form in a sequential manner.
Tai Chi combines flowing movements with precision and grace. This program is designed to improve your health and wellness, enhance your internal energy, and strengthen your ability to manage stress.
This class will be divided into several sections. During the first part of the class we will practice a series of opening warm-up movements and Qi Gong exercises that are designed to prepare you for the tai chi movements. During the second section of the class we will move to a step-by-step instruction for each new form of the Tai Chi for Energy program. To complete the class we will practice one of the Tai Chi for Health programs. All are welcome.

Introduction to Traditional Yoga using Classic Techniques
Yoga is an approach to learning about yourself in a nonjudgmental manner by learning to be present to the sensations, emotions, and thoughts that are constantly flowing through you. This traditional approach begins on the yoga mat and then spreads to all other areas of your life.
Initially we will begin by learning to link breath with awareness. Each class will begin with a centering using breathing exercises and or visualizations. This will be followed by warm-up stretches to connect the breath with simple movements that will prepare the body for the more challenging poses. The yoga poses that are taught in this session are designed to strengthen, stretch and balance the body as well as to awaken and deepen self-awareness. Relaxation and meditation will bring the session to a close. This class is relaxed and slow-paced to allow adequate learning and safe alignment of the poses.

Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow is linking breath and movement while transitioning from one posture to another. Students will build energy as they move through a series of standing and seated postures using vinyasas (chaturanga, upward dog and downward dog). Students should be familiar with the Sun Salutation and have completed two sessions of Level II.

Warm Slow Flow

In this class, move slowly and gracefully through various dynamic and static yoga postures.  Concentrate on flexibility, strength but most of all, spirit whereby attention will be focused on the meditative qualities of each asana.  Modifications will be offered throughout class so that the beginner and advanced student can enjoy this slower-paced yoga flow together.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine. In this practice, the muscles are relaxed and poses are held 3 – 5 minutes This creates more fluid in the body and begins to create more range of motion for those who are stiff or who have any injuries. Over time, the body will feel at ease while in movement or in stillness. This class is for students of all levels and of all ages.

Yin/Yang Yoga
Yin/Yang Yoga is a combination of stillness and movement yoga. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine expanding flexibility while releasing any blockages in the energetic system of the body. Yang yoga is more movement expanding one’s strength, stamina and also flexibility. This combination class balances the two sides of our energetic, physical, emotional and mental bodies. This is an open level class.

Yoga 101 Renewed
Your Yoga Renewed is a class designed for the new student, or the student who wants to build upon the foundation of the basics, by growing and deepening their practice. The student will learn about the breath and how it is connected to the postures, with warm ups and new postures each week. This is an open level class.

Yoga for Active Adults and Aging Athletes
As we age it gets a little harder to stay active. None of us want to give up the activities we love just because we are a little older. Join us in this class to learn how yoga can enrich your active lifestyle and help you continue to do what you love for years to come. Yoga for Active Adults and Aging Athletes will help improve your balance and flexibility, build strength, increase energy, enhance body awareness, and reduce stress. All abilities and levels welcome.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is also known as yogic sleep and is a meditation intended to induce total mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Get comfortable and enjoy this 30-minute session following slow flow. Come for both or just for Yoga nidra.

Yoga On and Off the Chair
In this gentle yoga class you will learn to use a chair and other props to practice various yoga poses. While this class will emphasize practicing yoga with a chair, the introduction of other props will broaden your options of practicing yoga in a balanced and safe manner. Each class will include warm-ups that are intended to open the major joints of the body that will allow a free and relaxed movement while practicing the poses.

Yoga for Young Adult Athletes 
This class is designed for young athletes aged 14-18 who are interested in improving strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus.  All sports and levels are welcome.  Find out how yoga can complement training during the sport’s season and throughout the year.