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Policies for Fees, Charges & Registering for a Class Fees

An eight week session is $98 when a student pre-registers (pays in full) for a session. If there is a shortened session the fee will be adjusted for that session.

Drop-In Fee
Drop-ins are always welcome. The fee for a drop-in class is $16.

Class Discounts
Class discounts are available for those who wish to take 2 or more classes per week.

Two (8-week) classes at $98  = $176
One class at $98 (8-week) and one at $86 (7-week) = $172
Three classes at $98 (8-week) = $244
Two classes at $98 (8-week) and one at $86 (7-week) = $242
One Class at $110 (9-week) and one at $98 (8-week) = $186
Two classes at $110 (9-week) = $198
Two Classes at $98 (8-week) and one at $110 (9-week) = $254
Two Classes at $110 (9-week) and one at $98 (8-week) = $258

You may register by mail with a check, online with a credit card or in person with cash of a check. If you choose to pay by credit card, and do not see the amount you wish to purchase, please call the studio to place your order.

Sessions are ongoing. If you are new to the studio and would like to join a class after a session begins, please call 518.429.1455 to speak with the director to discuss a pro-rated fee.

If you are not sure what class is right for you, please view the class descriptions. If you need more advice, please call 518.429.1455. If there are no free intro classes during a session, a new student can always try a class as a drop in and pay the drop in fee. There is a cap on class size. When a class is full, a student cannot register for it, but can attend the class as a drop in if space is available.

Any student under the age of 16 must attend a class with a parent/guardian with permission of the teacher. Students at the age of 16 can attend a class without a parent with a signed waiver from the parent or guardian.