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Pre-registration is required for Workshops

Warriors Dance Workshop

Saturday, March 14 1:00-3:00 pm $30 Bill Gathen

Inspired by Cameron Shayne’s Budokon (BU warrior, DO way, KON spirit), the Warriors Dance infuses martial arts movements into a vinyasa flow that embodies the strength, discipline and concentration of the inner warrior. Unique, dynamic and challenging, the Warriors Dance does it all — creates strength and mobility in the core, shoulders, spine and hips as well as trains mental focus and moves vital energy. During this two-hour long workshop we will break down the movements into manageable chunks and before joining the movements together. Best for intermediate and advanced yoga students.

Workshop on Developing a Home Yoga Practice

Saturday, March 21 10:00-12:00 pm $30 Melissa Bartlett

If you have ever wished that you could deepen your yoga practice by developing a home practice, this workshop is for you. We will discuss what you are seeking from your yoga practice and how to consistently create it at home and/or on the road. We will cover centering, warm ups, standing postures, floor postures, cooling down, resting and meditation. You will leave with a packet of illustrated postures, a listing of resources and some inspiration to begin!

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Sunday, March 29 1:00 – 3:00 pm $30 Helen McCarthy

The foundation of restorative yoga is based on easing the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation through the use of yoga props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, yoga straps, sandbags, eye pillows, chairs, and sometimes even a wall. Resting in a restorative pose deeply relaxes the body and guides the mind to a state of calm and stillness. The breathing elements of each pose make restorative yoga an active process of focusing the mind on healing thoughts, sensations, and emotions.

Yoga Nidra – also known as yogic sleep –is a systematic form of guided relaxation that typically is done for 35 to 40 minutes at a time. In this section of the workshop you will be guided through a detailed sleep meditation that will allow your mind and body to slip into a deep state of relaxation at the threshold of sleep.  During Yoga Nidra you remain awake and aware. The brain will switch from beta to alpha waves, signaling the transition from activity to complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. 

Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga, taken together and practiced regularly, make up a sophisticated set of mind-body tools that generate a high state of awareness and strengthen our capacity to navigate life with calm and compassion. 

 In this workshop we will begin with gentle warm-up stretches and yoga poses combined with conscious breathing. We will then move on to experience a series of several restorative poses that will be held passively for 5 to 10 minutes. During the second part of the workshop you will be guided through a Yoga Nidra meditation practice.

The workshop is appropriate for all levels of yoga experience. Previous yoga experience is not required.  You should, however, be able to lie on the floor comfortably.  Props are provided but please feel free to bring your own mat, if you have one, and any personal yoga props that you may prefer to use. Dress comfortably in warm, stretchy clothes.

Helen McCarthy, Ph.D., E-RYT has been practicing yoga for over 40 years and teaching for the last 20 years. She is a certified by Judith Lasater as a Relax and Renew ® Restorative Yoga Trainer.

Liberating the Chakras

Saturday-April 25 10:00 – noon $30 Nini Gridley

This workshop will be a gently, informative experience of the chakra system with an opportunity for students to open and energize through an asana practice energizing the “Liberating Current” of the chakra system. Our time includes a centering, warm-ups, asana, pranayama and savasana in carefully orchestrated sequences from base to crown. This is supported by explanation of the detailed “Table of Correspondences” which illustrates clearly the principles of each of the seven major centers of energy in the body as discussed in the many writings of Anodea Judith. Discussion includes the qualities of each chakra as they relate to the light spectrum, the elements, and the physical body. The characteristics of balanced, excessive and deficient chakras are offered with awareness of the benefits of yoga and self study as essential to healing. Awakening energetic insights into past experiences and methods of coping, which might have restricted the awakening of the True Self, are encouraged. All are welcome to attend.

10:00-10:15  – Welcome, introduction, context, safety and brief look at the ToC

10:15-11:45 – Gentle practices designed to open and energize the “Liberating Current”: sequenced centering, warm-ups, asana, pranayama, savasana, meditation

11:45- 12:00    – Closing questions, wrap-up, readings and further study

Nini Gridley, MS Ed, BFRP is a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching Kripalu Yoga and leading guided meditations that help people heal.  At Kripalu Center she served on the Guest Sadhana Team and the “Retreat and Renewal” faculty for 15 years teaching many workshops. Nini is a founding faculty member of Sacred Centers, the premier training program on the chakras developed by Anodea Judith PhD.  Trained as a Spiritual Healer for seven years, she is a Bach Foundation Registered practitioner with a private practice, Full Spectrum Healing™, (1995) offering subtle energy medicine for emotional support and healing. For more on her teaching schedule, MoonWish CD or details about her work go to her website:

2020 will have Workshops with Rudy Peirce – Stay Tuned!