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Workshops and Events

Pre-registration is required for Workshops

Hip Opening Workshop

Instructor: Melissa Bartlett
Saturday, October 19
10:00 am – noon

Tension, sitting too long, repetitive motions in sports like running, rowing, bicycling, golf, tennis and team sports or other activities can lead to hip tightness as well as a reduction in range of motion that can lead to discomfort and pain. If you are…

  • A team sport or individual sport athlete looking to improve performance and reduce chance of injuries, or
  • An active person who engages in repetitive motions at work or at home, or
  • A traveler who endures long hours standing in lines, sitting in cramped quarters and feeling tense, or
  • A person who spends hours sitting at a computer or standing on the job, or
  • Someone who feels tense and overwhelmed, or

…you will benefit from this workshop! Over the course of two hours, we will slowly warm up, move through a flow sequence designed to strengthen the muscles supporting the hips and increase range of motion, cool down to lengthen and release hip supporting muscles and enjoy an extended Savasana (last pose) to rest and let everything go.

Everyone who can get up and down from the floor is invited to attend. Yoga experience is not necessary.

Winter Solstice Yoga

As the year draws to a close and the days are dark and cold, the winter solstice offers a spark of hope as the days begin to lengthen and promise warmer days ahead. Come to a multi-level yoga class to fully warm the body, build internal heat and practice balance to ease your way through the end of the year and embrace the beginning of the next. The class is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners as long as they can get up and down from the floor.

Teacher: Melissa Bartlett
Date: December 21
Time: 9:00 am -10:15 am
Cost: $16